Sara Tomko

Hello there! Thanks for taking some time to pop in and check me out. I am a film and television actress living in LA.

Among the many things I admire…some of which include: sunflowers, Stevie Nicks, Billy Collins, caramel and handmade earrings…I love, love, love to play raw, vulnerable, messy female character types. A good story and a good crew just makes my day. I believe we are all flawed, we are all dreamers and every one of our stories deserves to be told. The villain was not always a villain!

Frida Kahlo is my spirit animal and conversations with my mother has become my new favorite obsession. Enjoy your look around and I’ll see you on the big screen!



"Sara gave us everything...a fearless performance on

— Damon Lindelof, HBO, The Leftovers —

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